UD Group and ScottishPower Develop Market’s First I&C Energy Portal

UD Group News - UD Group and ScottishPower Develop Market’s First I&C Energy Portal

Working in close collaboration, UD Group and ScottishPower have recently released the market’s first I&C Portal for managing and submitting Half Hourly quotes and contracts online.

Prior to this development, the process for producing large business sales quotations was typically cumbersome and manual, and online functionality within the Commercial Energy market was based on an estimated consumption (EAC) with set prices suitable for a large range of customer types.

The new ScottishPower I&C Portal is truly disruptive within the energy industry, as it is the first solution in the market to provide automatic and instant access to live, bespoke pricing. This pricing is also based on customers’ specific consumption, due to the groundbreaking ability to load Half Hourly Data directly into the system.

The Portal has also been integrated with Experian via ScottishPower’s credit risk decision engine. This allows all credit checks to be aligned to ScottishPower’s own policy, providing greater assurance to Sales Partners that a customer’s contract will not be rejected further down the registration process. The flexibility to action a credit check before or after gaining a price was previously unheard of within the energy sector.

Danny Parr, Head of Strategic Sales at ScottishPower commented
“We’re really excited by this new development, as the Portal’s ability to accept and verify bespoke Half Hourly data, crosscheck credit checks against our policy and display daily wholesale market prices – whilst allowing the Sales Partner to select their own commission level – means there is no likelihood of contracts being rejected, putting the Sales Partner in control.”

The Portal gives utility brokers the opportunity to access their energy information in one place, including consumption information, billing data and contract details. Energy brokers can track the daily wholesale market, refresh prices in seconds and gain cost-reflective prices based on customer-specific consumptions.

An energy broker can now issue electronic LOAs and contracts directly to the customer to sign instantly through integration with DocuSign, providing immediate ability to lock down a price and dramatically reduce paper usage. Due to the one-of-a-kind integration into ScottishPower’s billing system, contracts can also be accepted instantly.

Paul Hodnett, Commercial and Strategy Director at UD Group remarked 
“Although the Portal has brought numerous benefits to ScottishPower and their Sales Partners, the tool is innovative in the market and could help other energy suppliers, brokers and end users to drive the future of the B2B energy sector. With greater levels of automation, brokers can minimise their manual tasks, reduce their cost-to-serve, increase go-live rates, and reduce the time taken to sign contracts. We’re really pleased and proud to have worked so closely with ScottishPower on developing an exciting and innovative tool such as this for the energy industry.”

As more energy suppliers and their business customers are having to migrate to Half Hourly settlements, the ScottishPower I&C Portal is a vital step into ensuring a smooth and fully digitised energy procurement journey. 

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