UD Group Enables Energy Brokers to Better Connect with Suppliers

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UD Group is pleased to announce the release of a new API to complement the existing API toolkit (UD Price, Contract and Lookup APIs). The Connected API enables integration from any CRM system directly to the Broker Portals managed by UD Group on behalf of energy Suppliers.

TPIs who submit high volumes of contracts no longer need to manually copy data into Suppliers’ portals, or batch upload files, streamlining quality control processes and enabling faster switching.

Sarah Oliver, Head of Product at UD Group commented

“One of our key priorities at UD Group is to help energy brokers send validated sales to suppliers minimising any re-work or rejections. Our 20 broker portals digitise this process and enable suppliers to quickly approve and register sales. We’ve received a lot of feedback from brokers asking for more direct integration, and following the launch of the UD Connected Journey from our own Broker Web CRM earlier in the year, we are excited to launch the Connected API.

During the global pandemic we’re currently experiencing, brokers have told us it is critical to minimise resales, ensuring sales are fully validated on submission to suppliers. The Connected API enables this direct from a broker’s own system and without having to wait to batch the next morning. The Connected API can help both brokers and suppliers improve the quality of their sales, increase their live rates and focus staff on sales and quality rather than admin tasks.

We’re already working with a number of brokers who are integrating the Connected API into either a Salesforce or a bespoke CRM system, and look forward to enabling this across the industry through our unique relationships with both brokers and suppliers.”

The Connected API enables brokers to automatically upload signed LOAs and contracts to the Supplier without the time-consuming process of browsing and manually attaching files and reducing the risk of sensitive documents being sent over emails. Brokers can work in their own system and easily update any missing or incorrect information without the need to login to an individual Broker Portal. Integration to the API also means that there is no need for brokers to batch up sales for submission at the end of each working day, as sales can now be submitted throughout the day as part of their business workflow.

What’s more, brokers will be able to receive registration status updates directly into their internal CRM system, which will allow for faster action to challenge objections and reduce re-sales, improving go live rates and sales acquisition costs.

If you are interested in exploring how the UD Connected API could benefit your business, contact us today at hello@udgroup.co.uk  

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