UD Group Helps Bristol Energy to Boost Sales

UD Group News - UD Group Helps Bristol Energy to Boost Sales

UD Group; platform provider for the energy and utilities sector, continues to support the B2B arm of energy provider Bristol Energy, by connecting them with more TPIs across the country.

Bristol Energy is a council-owned business, meaning that instead of traditional shareholders, they were set up to provide income for Bristol City Council and serve the community. They supply gas and electricity to businesses and homes across the country, but unlike other energy suppliers, they reinvest their profits into the community, with projects such as tackling fuel poverty, supporting community energy and supporting local homelessness.

Bristol Energy already works in close partnership with many brokers, but UD Group’s Broker Portal can help the provider to reach more TPIs and help to strengthen the relationship between broker and provider. Working with Bristol Energy via the UD Supplier Portal provides TPIs with a seamless end-to-end contract validation and submission process. Brokers will benefit from instant access to pricing, unlimited users including sub brokers, a dedicated account manager and ongoing user support.

Paul Hodnett, Director at UD Group commented:

“We’re excited to be working more closely with Bristol Energy, and are proud to be able to say that our platform can provide the energy supplier with the tools they need to connect with more TPIs. Our platform has already demonstrated success with over 15 major energy suppliers in the UK, and we’re pleased to be sharing this success now with Bristol Energy too.”

Joanne Stevens, TPI Sales Manager at Bristol Energy remarked:

“Being a municipal energy company, we have quite a unique position in the market. By utilising the UD Portal, we are able to further our reach in a modern and streamlined manner that will only help to build on the success we have already seen in the market.”

Bristol Energy pride themselves on offering fair deals for business customers, as well as the option of green gas and 100% green electricity. Any savings made on the energy bought are passed directly onto the customer, ensuring fair and transparent prices at all times.

UD Group is already in partnership with over 100 global non-domestic TPIs, as their platform helps brokers to generate their contracts more efficiently and accurately. If you believe the UD Supplier Portal could help your business too, do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing hello@udgroup.co.uk

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