The EVOlution of ud group

Here at UD Group, we’ve grown a lot over the years, so we thought we’d take a small step back and look at exactly how far we’ve come.

Here’s how we’ve grown over the past 12 months…
Evolution of UD Group

As a business, we’re continuing to go from strength-to-strength, and none of this would have been possible without the expansion of the team. Our Sales Team has grown with new Relationship Managers and Business Development Managers. We’ve recruited a brand-new Product Team and have moved towards an agile Scrum methodology, and we continue to recruit the most talented Developers to take our products to the next level. With this new team we’re able to engage more with our Suppliers and visit more of our Brokers on a daily basis.

Our customers are noticing the difference too, and we’re grateful to have received some wonderful feedback recently:

Utility Works: “A huge thank you for installing our new Web CRM software platform and our Price Comparison Website. Both are easy to use, and they will enable us to successfully move forward in this highly competitive energy market. Well worth the money and backed up by an excellent team! We would highly recommend UD Group.”

Cost Sense Utilities: “We switched to UD Group over a year ago, as we felt that the value we were receiving from our aggregator was diminishing. UD Group have been a breath of fresh air. They are approachable and helpful, and support is given wherever and whenever requested. It puts us in more control of our portfolio and allows us to move forward with confidence. In the year we have worked together, they have been of huge benefit, not only to how the company works, but just as importantly, it has saved us around £25,000 that would have been spent on aggregator splits. I can only speak positively of them.”

As a business, we’re planning to grow even further over the next 12 months, and we’re hugely excited for the opportunities that this may bring.

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