Market Insights

Enhance your price position by analysing market behaviour

Market Insights is a business intelligence tool that helps you understand your current position within the energy market
Analyse the competition
Compare your performance against your competition, analysing elements such as price, uplift and standing charge.
View sales conversion rates
Review your open opportunities versus your sales, helping you to recognise what percentage of your quotes progress to a sale.
Understand your brokers
Compare the performance of your brokers to others in the market, identifying their preferences for days ahead, term, uplift and suppliers.
Inform your price strategy
Influence your price-book changes by viewing past trends in your own pricing models as well as those of other suppliers in the market.
Perform win/loss analysis
Understand who you are winning business from, as well as who you are losing deals to. Combine this information with the data found on pricing trends and you’ll be sure to win deals ahead of your competitors.

What can market insights do?

The Market Insights business intelligence tool can help you to solve many problems, from missed sales opportunities to broker engagement.

Click on the arrows to see the many ways in which this tool could help your business.

Broker Portal

Broker Portal

If you don’t already have a UD Broker Portal to help your TPI network generate quotes for customers, you could be missing out on sales. Take a look at how adopting a Broker Portal could help your business to maximise profit.

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