I&C Broker Portal

Validate half hourly meter consumption data and access live pricing

Our dynamic I&C Broker Portal allows your brokers to generate live pricing for larger Half Hourly supply points. This enables an efficient sales journey, which validates customer consumption data and produces verified offer documentation.

Benefits for Energy Suppliers

Live Price Retrieval

Provide instant prices for all tender opportunities and allow brokers to trigger a price refresh.

validated offer documentation

Collate all information in a centralised area to ensure opportunities are never missed.

reduced risk & Enhance compliance

Reduce your risk of bad debt with mandatory credit checks and remove the risk of post-sale credit rejection. Ensure compliance with up-to-date, validated and auto-populated contracts, and enforce LOA upload.

half hourly data validation

Offer Half Hourly pricing and validate this data instantly.

control available offers

Control your available pricing by choosing when to automatically withdraw any current price offers.

Benefits for Energy Brokers


Instant Live Pricing

Take advantage of deal in day opportunities with live consumption-based pricing for Half Hourly supply points refreshed on request

Reduced Processing Time

Take advantage of UD Group’s innovative integrations to our partners to auto-populate validated data and reduce manual error-prone typing.

Visible tendering and registration process

Access current status of the new supply at both tender and registration stage to enable you to keep your customers fully informed



Used by over 1,500 TPIs, the UD Broker Portals are well-known in the energy procurement market.

Energy Awards 2019 Finalists

In partnership with ScottishPower, we were shortlisted for the Energy Awards 2019 in the Innovation of the Year category. As more energy suppliers and their business customers are having to migrate to Half Hourly settlements, a solution such as ScottishPower and UD Group’s Pricing Portal is a vital step into ensuring a smooth energy procurement journey.

energy awards 2019

We work with over 1,500 UK TPIs, ensuring you make the right connections to sell energy

Broker Insights

If you are interested in further analysing broker behaviour and giving your TPI Account Managers direct access to real-time pipeline tracking, take a look at our Broker Insights solution.

Broker Insights

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