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Risk managers and CFOs often struggle with outdated tools and inadequate information.

We develop simple software to help them manage critical data, manage risk and increase margins with greater ease.

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Manage Risk & increase margins

By optimizing hedging and position management, group by portfolio, weather scenario analysis, automated mark-to-markets for every trade, custom clustering of accounts and REC position management and more.

Avoid Risk in the Long Term

With Managed Services. Gain the consistency of expert knowledge in all facets at all times, regardless of size and growth. Ensure compliance, maximize efficiency and optimize your day-to-day operations.


With bottoms-up meter-based short and long term forecasting, you'll be able to know your energy obligation at all times.

Forecast Revenues

Track and Validate Revenues and Costs including forecasted P&L, settled mark-to-market, billed and un-billed revenue reporting, invoice vouchers, automated daily settlement & margin reporting, and much more.

Automate customer flow

Automate customer flow across all platforms with billing, sales and ETRM system integration, automated scheduling files, automated integration with ISO data, and much more.

Securely Manage Business & Data

With POWWRs cloud-based true SaaS platform, you can run your organization from anywhere 24/7 / 365. Your data is stored securely with built-in disaster recovery, daily backup, and threat protection.

Volatility and poor positions are causing your margins to shrink and force higher pricing.

Manual, outdated tools and limited resources are causing you to lose profits each month. How much is it costing you to stick with your current risk management systems? Let us show you the way to put a stop-loss on your margins, and get your business profitable again.

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Customers reviews

“We literally could not run our business as effectively and efficiently as we do without POWWR’s suite of software.”
Travis Andrews
“Titan Gas and Power has been a satisfied POWWR customer for over six years. We've incorporated their software and services in both our Electric and Natural Gas businesses. I recommend their software and services to any other energy retailers.”
Rob Moss
“...I found the [Risk360] platform... to be a highly valuable system for any organization. I would highly recommend making it a priority to see a demo of this comprehensive solution.”
Andrew Coppola

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