Meet UD Group's Newest Recruit...Scott Barber

Scott Barber

Scott Barber has recently joined the UD Group team as a Business Development Manager. In this short interview he tells us about his experience in the industry, how he can’t wait to have a few beers with his customers again, and he gives us some tips on how to make a British Guard laugh… 

What does your role primarily involve?

I’ll be helping energy brokers to join UD Group, either providing them with a new route to market or plugging in existing supplier relationships to UD Groups software.

What is your experience in the industry?

I have been in the energy industry for 9 years now. I have previously worked for an energy aggregator and worked with one of the ‘Big 6’ Energy Suppliers. Whilst working for a supplier I had roles ranging from processing Change of Tenancies directly with customers to managing Broker Relationships. During my time at an Energy Aggregator, I had several roles such as Corporate Account Manager, Relationship Manager and more recently as a Regional Manager, in which I managed a team of Account Managers.

What is your favourite part of the job so far?Being made to feel so welcome by all the staff at UD Group. It does help that I have previously worked with a few members of this team! I am also enjoying discussions with brokers about the UD Group platform, and to hear the brokers excitement when I go into some of the key features available to the brokers is becoming very rewarding.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

During the many years I have been in the TPI market, I have a strong understanding on what exactly a broker needs to be successful, so being able to provide such solutions through UD Group is very excitable. I must say, I am very much looking forward to meeting brokers again and maybe squeezing in a couple of beers, obviously at a distance!

What are your biggest challenges in the job?

It has to be changing a brokers mindset from a commission share scheme to a monthly licence fee. When I explain the benefits and the savings against a commission split though, the penny usually drops when they realise the more sales they do, the more money they will make.

How have you found starting a new job during lock-down?

Very strange as I consider myself to be a people person, so not being able to meet new colleagues or brokers is slightly frustrating. Luckily thought, I have joined UD Group at the back end of lock-down, so hopefully things will go back to normal soon.

What advice do you have to new starters in the industry?

Don’t rush. A lot of brokers dream big and want to become the most successful broker in the UK, which is great, but this will take time. I have seen brokers within their first few months hiring 10-15 staff, then wondering why they are struggling financially. Grow slow and organically, and do not let go of the people you trust, as a good employee has knowledge of systems, products, and processes. They have built relationships with clients and co-workers that takes years to build. When you lose a good employee, you lose part of your culture and potentially future revenue.

Please provide an interesting fact that most people would not know about you

I am a YouTube sensation with around half a million views thanks to my video ‘How to Make a British Guard Laugh’ (Watch Here). Whilst in the army I was on Queen’s Guard for 2 years. I also completed a 7-month tour of Afghanistan (Helmand Province) way back in 2007.

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