UD Group Releases Another Data Analytics Tool: Market Insights

News - UD Group's Market Insights Launch

We are thrilled to announce that we have just launched our brand-new Market Insights business intelligence tool.

This is the second product in a series of analytics tools which we have been developing for some time and allows energy suppliers to enhance their position within the energy market by analysing market behaviour.

In the current volatile market conditions, this tool helps suppliers spot trends in the market, better understand their competition, optimise their product offering and identify options to increase sales. Unlike other pricing and market share reports, Market Insights provides suppliers with a real-time view on the energy market, allowing them to see both quote and sales activity – vital at a time when conditions are so uncertain.

Paul Hodnett, Chief Revenue Officer at UD Group commented

“We’re really excited to be launching our Market Insights tool for energy suppliers to help our customers get a good understanding on their market position in these turbulent times so they can make better, faster decisions about their product offerings and business operations.”

The brand-new Market Insights tool helps suppliers to analyse themselves against the competition on elements such as price, uplift and standing charge, and helps suppliers to understand where they are winning business by reviewing open opportunities versus submissions. The data also allows energy suppliers to see past trends in their own pricing models as well as those of other suppliers, which in turn helps to inform their future price strategy.

We are continuing to develop our suite of products to help both energy suppliers and brokers to better understand the energy market and tailor their products and services to meet their business goals.

If you are interested in exploring how Market Insights could help you to analyse the competition and inform your price strategy, contact us today at hello@udgroup.co.uk

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