7 Reasons Businesses Should Look to Install EV Charge Points

UD Group News - 7 Reasons to Install EV Charge Points for Your Site

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity in the UK, and the demand for battery EVs shot up by a staggering 158% in July 2019, with a record 2,271 sold in that month alone. Research firm Deloitte predicts the number of plug-in cars on Britain’s roads will rise “dramatically” to seven million by 2030, up from the 185,853 recorded at the end of 2018.

One of the main things holding buyers back from purchasing EVs though is the lack of charging infrastructure across the UK. Data from charger locator app Zap-Map shows that there are 14,324 charging stations and 24,358 connectors in the UK, which range from slow to rapid charger types. However, Zap-Map reports that almost 25% of public chargers are out of service.

Businesses need to act fast and take advantage of the current lack of infrastructure and get themselves set up on the grid with EV charge points.

Here are 7 reasons that businesses should consider installing EV charge points at their sites:

1. Gain new customers
Let’s say for example you own a chain of pubs across the UK. If you supply EV charging points and make people aware of it, EV users may pop in for a quick drink or a meal whilst they charge their cars at your premises.

2. Get Ahead of the Competition
Soon enough the race to grid grab will be on. Get yourself on the grid before your competition does and gain those new customers ahead of your rivals. The sooner you engage with your host DNO the more chance you’ve got of getting on the grid, so act fast.

3. Comply With Regulation
England is the first country in the world to introduce mandatory electric car charging points for new-build homes and businesses. New Building regulations set in July 2019 by the UK Government state that there must be at least one charge point in non-residential buildings with more than 20 car parking spaces.

4. Generate Additional Revenue
Whilst you may not be in the energy business yourself, there is no reason that you couldn’t make money from it. Once you have EV charge points installed, EV drivers will pay you directly to plug their cars into your mains supply, generating additional income for your business. This can be done via coins, tokens, smartphone apps or bank cards on a ‘Pay as You Go’ basis. Yes, there is obviously a cost to you to set up these charging points in the first place, but there are still government grants available, and the rewards will outweigh the initial cost outlay.

5. Prove You’re a Responsible Business
Any actions that your business can take to show you’re acting responsibly and helping the planet are always going to looked upon favourably. Helping the country strive towards a more environmentally friendly method of transport proves that you care about your business carbon targets and are playing your part in developing a sustainable future.

6. Strengthen Your Company Message
As there are not yet many businesses taking advantage of these opportunities, the fact your organisation will have EV charging facilities is a huge selling point for your business. Get your marketing teams to shout it from the rooftops and watch the positive engagement with your brand come flooding in.

7. Staff Perks
Provide valued facilities to staff and visitors that own an EV in addition to providing onsite electric car charging for company owned EV’s such as delivery vans and pool cars. It’s a great convenience for your staff and visitors to charge their EV’s whilst at the workplace. This can be displayed as a perk of working at the organisation, coinciding with your sustainability goals.

It’s safe to say that the use of Electric Vehicles is on the rise, so why not take advantage of this innovation and grow your business across the UK?

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