Meet POWWR's Newest Recruit...David Sheldrake

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David Sheldrake has recently joined the business as our new Supplier Account Director. In this quick interview, we talk to David about his drive to help Energy Suppliers, and his momentary claim to fame…


What does your role primarily involve? 

Working with UK energy Suppliers to strengthen their relationship with POWWR and support the Supplier’s success in sales and revenue. I’m also tasked with finding new opportunities to further expand their POWWR product suite, and I’d like to be able to enable Suppliers and Brokers alike to become more familiar and comfortable with our offering.

What is your experience in the industry? 

I have worked for 2 energy Suppliers (Total Gas and Power and Npower Business), totaling 12 years in the industry. My previous roles have involved primarily seeking new products and services to support increasing revenue for both Suppliers and Brokers. My most recent role was Channel Manager to all SME Brokers.

What is your favourite part of the job so far? 

Being able to contribute towards maintaining and developing new relationships which provide POWWR with commercial success. The fast pace and ever changing environment is something I am relishing.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role? 

The challenge of making POWWR a commercial success by using my skills to find new opportunities within a Supplier’s day-to-day processes that could ultimately lead to new software opportunities. In addition, I’m also looking forward to managing the expectations of all the Suppliers and ensuring we meet their needs. 

What are your biggest challenges in the job? 

Adapting to the change of working style from a large corporate environment to a growing business. In a large organisation, changes always move at a slower pace, going through multiple stakeholders to progress significant projects. Again, I’m looking forward to working in a fast-paced environment and taking a lead on positive changes. 

How have you found starting a new job during lockdown? 

It’s strange, as I would ideally like to meet people face to face and build a relationship. However, as I have worked with POWWR in the past during my time at Npower, this has helped me with my transition, and I already feel like I know a few of my fellow colleagues. 

What advice do you have to new starters in the industry? 

Take the time to do your research, learn and gain knowledge of the energy industry. This has helped me succeed in the past. I believe knowledge is POWWR (pardon the pun!) 

Please provide an interesting fact that most people would not know about you 

I once appeared on an old UK “Talk Talk” advert. They did something called “bright dancing”. I created a guitar out of a light and pretended to play it. The advert was on for around 4 weeks during the airing of X Factor in 2008! – I had no idea it was going to be on….I don’t think I have had as many people contact me! – The advert can no longer be found online (luckily for me!)

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