5 Reasons for Energy Brokers to Use the UD Connected API

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In addition to our existing API toolkit (Price, Contract and Lookup APIs), UD Group has just released the Connected API, which enables integration from any CRM system directly to the Broker Portals managed by UD Group on behalf of energy suppliers.

The benefits to energy brokers are numerous, but we have highlighted what we believe to be the top 5 below:

  1. Save time

The Connected API enables brokers to automatically upload signed LOAs and contracts to the supplier without the time-consuming process of browsing and manually attaching files. For TPIs who submit high volumes of contracts, they will no longer need to manually copy data into suppliers’ portals, which enables faster switching.

  1. Align to your processes

Brokers can work in their own system and easily update any missing or incorrect information without the need to login to an individual supplier’s portal. Integration to the API also means that there is no need for brokers to batch up sales for submission at the end of each working day, as sales can now be submitted throughout the day as part of their business workflow.

  1. Increase your live rate

During the global pandemic we’re currently experiencing, it’s especially important that resales are reduced, and the UD Connected API allows fully validated contracts to be sent to suppliers during the day immediately on sold, rather than waiting to batch the next morning. What’s more, brokers will be able to receive registration status updates directly into their internal CRM system, which will allow for faster action to challenge objections and reduce resales, improving go live rates and sales acquisition costs.

  1. Save money

QA teams can easily spend 5 minutes or more checking individual contract, whereas the Connected API validates companies and charities, plus supplier-specific requirements automatically. Resources can also be better used as there is no longer a need to manually upload contract and other documentation to portals where suppliers require this. Services Teams will no longer need to manually update contract statuses based on multiple status reports from each supplier, as reports can be automated directly from the supplier’s portal.

  1. Improve data security

Broker’s data will start life in their own CRM system, and then it is securely transferred into the supplier’s portal, removing the need to store data in spreadsheets and retain emails with attached contracts containing personal data.

We pride ourselves on being the only organisation in the industry to supply both energy suppliers and brokers, and it is for this reason that we thought it particularly important to develop our Connected API.

We provide Broker Portals to over 20 UK energy suppliers and work with over 1,350 UK Brokerages. All of these TPIs can easily be connected to Broker Portals and benefit from the Connected API to submit validated contracts to suppliers.

If you are interested in exploring how the UD Connected API could benefit your business, contact us today at hello@udgroup.co.uk  

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