5 Ways to Win More Business with Broker360


With new energy retailers emerging on a weekly basis, business customers are often left feeling overwhelmed with choice when it comes to selecting an energy provider. The role of the energy broker is becoming increasingly important in terms of guiding the customer into the best choice and the best deal for their needs, but the pressure to deliver a fast and efficient service is growing, as they risk losing valuable deals to competitors.

Energy brokers need solutions that help them to compare prices across the industry, generate quotes for customers, produce verified contracts and manage their customer journey. Broker360 can handle all these important elements within one central platform, and unlike other tools on the market, is specifically designed for energy procurement, and includes access to live market price-books and contracts.

Whilst Broker360 has been developed to handle the entire energy procurement journey – from submission to commission – one of the main benefits of the platform is the way it can help to win more business. Here are just 5 of the ways in which Broker360 can help to save company money and increase overall revenue:

1) Introduction to a new marketplace

One of the most beneficial aspects of working within the Broker360 platform is the access you’ll gain to a whole host of energy retailers. The POWWR Marketplace will open the door to suppliers that you’re not currently doing business with, and connecting with them through the platform couldn’t be easier.

2) Work smarter, not harder

Traditionally, energy brokers will need to manually handle a large batch of spreadsheets when it comes to managing suppliers’ price-books, but Broker360 includes access to full-market pricing, and can automatically and simultaneously quote gas and electricity for both SME and C&I contracts. Multi-sites for SME products can be quoted for in seconds, and customisable system templates allow brokers to work quickly and accurately. As fewer manual steps are required, staff can be redeployed to more valuable tasks, in turn, saving the company money. By automating your sales, not only do you save both time and money, but most importantly, you create a seamless sales journey for your customers.

As Broker360 is cloud-based, there is no need to spend money on a whole host of different tools, products and software – the platform handles everything from within one central location. No installation is required, so brokers can get up-and-running in minutes, with the added bonus of not having to worry about disaster recovery and automatic access to regular release updates.

 3) Generate new leads

As part of the Broker360 package you’ll gain access to your own automated price comparison website. You can customize the site to your branding and develop multiple bespoke sites as well as targeted campaigns to suit your varying audiences. Insightful information from your prospects such as contact details, consumption rates and renewal dates are all sent directly into the Broker360 platform as a new lead. Leads created through your own channels can also be easily batch imported into the Broker360 platform.

With Broker360 you also retain 100% of the commission you make. Unlike working with many large aggregators, our pricing structure is licence-based, and does not take a cut of the commission made on each contract. Energy brokers work hard for each sale, so why should we reap those rewards?

4) Better understand your business

With Broker360, sales agents can keep on top of their work by tracking the entirety of the customer journey. Agents can set reminders and call-backs and assign tasks to others, meaning they can keep a track on each job and needn’t worry about missing important deadlines that could result in the loss of a potential customer.

Reporting and analytics tools that are in-built within the platform enable you to better understand your business. Brokers can review opportunities versus sales to recognise what percentage of quotes develop to a sale, as well as being able to understand which energy suppliers provide them with the best rates and commissions.

5) Don’t lose deals unnecessarily

Sending emails to several different suppliers, and waiting for their response, can be both time-consuming and frustrating, especially when a contract then comes back as rejected. With validated batch files, direct contract upload and full meter lookups, the risk of contract rejection is reduced, leading to more sales and higher profits. With Broker360 you ensure fewer dropouts and more successful transactions the first time around.

Everybody knows that retaining existing business is more profitable than winning new business, so the Broker360 platform makes the renewals process a whole lot easier, as contracts are generated automatically.

Whether you’re an Aggregator, Broker or a Consultant, Broker360 will clear the way for faster sales, with improved margins. Don’t waste any more time and money and contact us today to learn more about how Broker360 could help you to become more efficient and increase your profits.

Already relied upon by over 1,400 brokers in the UK and beta tested in the US, Broker360 is ready for its full release in the United States. If you’d like more information on this suite of products, please email hello@powwr.com



You can also download our fully comprehensive guide to better understand how to win more deals with Broker360:

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