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At POWWR we provide energy suppliers and brokers with the tools they need to gain live and cost-effective access to the B2B utilities market, so they can sell energy more efficiently

Unique in the market, POWWR provides solutions for both suppliers and brokers, providing the only end-to-end connected solution for business energy sales

Our Solutions

Whether you're an energy supplier or a broker, we have the solutions you need to sell energy more efficiently

Our Solutions

Whether you’re an energy supplier or a broker, we have the solutions you need to sell energy more efficiently

Our Vision

To empower energy suppliers and brokers to build their businesses and create transparent, connected touch-points

Our Vision - UD Group
Our Mission - UD Group

Our Mission

By constantly engaging with our customers, we always strive to exceed expectations, through innovation and industry expertise

Our Values

We Believe in Simplicity

The energy market doesn’t have to be difficult, and neither does the process for transacting energy.

We are Innovative

We are forward-thinkers, using cutting-edge technology to drive sales for our customers.

We are Transformational

Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise help businesses gain a greater market share and increase financial performance.

We are Collaborative

We work closely with our customers to understand their complex and individual needs.

POWWR Merger

we've Merged with US-based POWWR

We have recently merged with US-based POWWR, to create the energy industry’s first global end-to-end energy marketplace.

This acquisition solidifies the position of both groups as market leaders in front-end sales, contract, and risk management solutions for retail energy brokers and suppliers.

More details about the merger can be found here.

Our History

  • Established in Manchester


    In 2009, in Manchester, originally starting life as an energy brokerage.

  • UK's First Price Comparison Website

    UK's First Price Comparison

    In 2011 we developed the UK's first business energy switching site.

  • Desktop CRM

    Desktop CRM

    Realising the difficulties in compiling quotes from multiple suppliers, in 2013 we built an energy-based CRM system to make the process more efficient.

  • Brokers on Board

    Brokers on-Board

    The UD Web CRM was launched to brokers in 2013, and we were the first to digitise price matrices.

  • Price Point

    Price Point

    In 2014 we released Price Point – a tool to show suppliers their price position in a specific target market.

  • Suppliers on Board

    Suppliers on-Board

    The SME Broker Portal was launched in 2015, allowing suppliers to collaborate with brokers. We were one of the first early-adopters of DocuSign.

  • My Energy Console

    Launch into the USA

    My Energy Console was launched for US customers in 2018 providing CRM functions and cross-market quotes from more than 50 US suppliers.

  • 20 Supplier Portals Live

    20 Supplier Portals Live

    In mid-2019 we are working closely with 20 of the UK's largest energy suppliers and have Broker Portals set up for each of these businesses.

  • I&C market

    I&C Market

    In 2019 we launched our first I&C Broker Portal with Scottish Power, which is shortlisted for Innovation of the Year at The Energy Awards.

  • Broker Insights

    Broker Insights

    In 2019 we are continuing to make use of the data we have built up over the years, and in 2019 released our Broker Insights tool to the market.

  • UD Group merges with POWWR


    In February 2020 we merged with US-based, POWWR, to create the energy industry’s first global end-to-end energy marketplace.

5 Elms Capital

5 elms capital

Following our merger with US-based POWWR, we are now receiving investment from 5 Elms Capital.

Five Elms Capital is a leading investor in fast-growing B2B software businesses that users love. Five Elms provides capital and resources to help companies accelerate growth and further cement their role as industry leaders.

Corporate Social Responsibility


We take part in regular staff charity events to support the local community. We also partner with Manchester Metropolitan University to assist young talent in finding valuable and meaningful work and placements.

Workforce Sustainability

Our culture and values are centred around our people and we do everything we can to attract and retain talent. We offer workplace training, health care and staff rewards, and offer plenty of development options. If you are interested in opportunities with POWWR, please visit our Careers page.

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