5 Ways to Win More Business with Sales360


With new energy retailers emerging on a weekly basis, business customers are often left feeling overwhelmed with choice when it comes to selecting an energy provider. Energy retailers need to provide the best deal for their customers’ needs, but the pressure to deliver a fast and efficient service is growing, as they risk losing valuable deals to competitors.

Energy retailers need solutions that help them to automatically price deals that are visible to their customers and brokers, produce verified quotes and contracts, and manage their customer journey. Sales360 can handle all these important elements within one central platform, and unlike other tools on the market, is specifically designed for energy procurement.

Whilst Sales360 has been developed to handle the entire energy procurement journey – from submission to commission – one of the main benefits of the platform is the way it can help to win more business. Here are just 5 of the ways in which Sales360 can help to save company money and increase overall revenue:


Sales360 allows you to rapidly increase your distribution network by gaining access to over 1,500 energy brokers. The platform allows you to minimize manual tasks with greater levels of automation in the broker quote and contract process, reduce your cost to serve, increase go-live rates and, due to improved data quality, reduce the time taken to sign contracts. You can also use Sales360 to cross-sell your services by promoting extra products such as energy-efficiency or smart meters.


Your broker network can automatically generate instant quotes and contracts. By using validated batch files which match your fields and your rules, you eliminate the need for manual contract keying into your billing and CRM systems. The platform also enables instant credit checks with integration to your preferred credit check provider such as Experian, Equifax or Credit Safe and reduces the effort needed to manually process sales, significantly reducing your cost to serve and empowering your sales teams to focus on broker account management.


With Sales360, automated credit checks become a mandatory part of the contract submission process, which in turn reduces your risk of bad debt. Pre-populated and validated data reduces potential errors associated with manual input, and enforcing the latest version of your contracts ensures compliance and consistency. By removing the need for a significant number of emails containing personal data, this also assists your business to remain compliant in terms of data handling and storage. Access to price-books and contract options can be controlled on a broker-by-broker basis, and broker activity can be tracked as all quotes and contracts are user and date-stamped.


Sales360 enables you to provide a complete digital journey for your brokers, as their CRM systems can also be directly integrated into Sales360. You can also seamlessly integrate this innovative platform with your existing billing and CRM systems through automated sales and contract updates.


Elements of the Sales360 platform are already used by over 1,500 brokers who are familiar with the sales journey and benefit from the efficiencies provided. With built-in validation checks on pricing, contracts and credit checks, as well as live meter lookups, brokers can expect higher go-live rates due to increased data accuracy. Contracts are directly uploaded into the supplier’s registration and billing systems, leading to an increased certainty of contract acceptance, and fewer data errors from prepopulated information for existing customers leads to significant time savings. Brokers are also able to efficiently manage objections and rejections with direct access to daily updated contract statuses.


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